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The GMP (gas mask pouch) is a much needed alternative to the outdated gas mask carry methods that are currently available. The GMP is individually hand made in the USA with high quality 500D Cordura nylon. It is a "fanny" pack style pouch. This does several things to benefit the end user.

It was specifically designed around the most common mask on the LE market, the Avon C50. It will also fit the FM12, M50/FM50, it will fit all of these with or without the vpu attached. It will also fit the Mira masks as well. NEW: we have designed an additional size GMP called the XL which will fit the Avon FM53/54 with filter attached, and with or without the vpu attached.

There are currently 2 main methods of carrying a gas mask because of what is available in the market. The first being a molle pouch on the back of your plate carrier/vest. This is extremely uncomfortable while sitting in a vehicle. Also, it requires a second person to retrieve your mask for you.

The second carry option is a drop down leg attachment which sticks straight out from the side of your leg, making a very wide profile. This is a significant hindrance in relation to structure clearance, entering rooms, etc..

We looked at all of these issues and designed the GMP with the following in mind:

1. Low profile. Because of it's design, and where it sits along your waistline, it does not inhibit your movement in close quarters. The GMP was designed so that the wings of the pack/webbing strap are positioned to slide behind any belt pouches/magazines you wear, so that it doesn't not interfere with mag changes, handcuffs, etc.

2. The pouch is not attached to your essential kit. This is important as often times, missions do not require the use of a gas mask (light is right), and also individuals may use their belt or vest for more than just tactical applications, ie patrol, etc.

3. No fixed location. The GMP can be worn in a variety of positions along your waistline, depending on the preference/gear setup of the end user, and is easy to put on, take off, or adjust location as you see fit.

4. The mask can be retrieved easily by the individual carrying it.

Pouch Sizing:
• Regular: sized to fit Avon C50/M50, FM12, and most Mira Safety masks. Will fit with VPU and filter attached.
• XL: sized to fit Avon FM53/54 and Airboss LBM. Will fit with VPU and filter attached.

Waist Strap Sizing: one size fits all. The webbing can be adjusted from 20"-60". To be honest, if you can't fit this thing around your waist, you shouldn't be carrying a gas mask for a living.

Made in the USA.