SLAM Mount

Regardless of what the internet has told you recently, shields have their place in a tactical environment.  The situations, methods, and uses that your team deploys them for, is up to you.  What we have done, is give your current shields an additional capability, at an affordable cost.  

Shields need lights on them.  The reasons for this are abundant and mostly self explanatory.  The problem is that most shields that come outfitted with lights from the factory are extremely expensive.  Because of this, most teams elect to buy shields without lights.

What we have done is design a very simple light mount for shields that uses the industry standard flashlight Scout mount pattern.  This gives your shield a very bright, high powered, modern technology light system at a fraction of the cost. This also gives shields an entirely new capability with night vision if you mount a light on your shield with an IR head attached.

The SLAM (Shield Light Adapter Mount) uses four flat head set screws to grab onto the outer perimeter of the shield.  The screws only grab onto the exterior coating of the shield, and have zero affect on the shields ballistic integrity.  When removed, they leave no damage to the shield.

The SLAM can be mounted in any position on the shield that you prefer, however if using with the included custom extended length mod button pressure switch, we recommend mounting at the 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock positions, so that the cable can be properly taped or secured to the shield, not obstructing the viewport, and reach the handle for proper use of the pressure switch.

The SLAM has a swiveling body that the light is mounted to, giving the user the ability to put the beam of the light in the exact spot they prefer, and then securing it to that position by tightening the screw in swivel.

Stay up to date with us via instagram ( and twitter (@THYFSUPPLY) for videos and photos of the SLAM before it's released. 

We will send out an email via our newsletter when the SLAM is available for purchase. The SLAM will retail for $200.00

If you are interested in a LE/MIL team purchase of multiple SLAM mounts, send us an email at for all inquiries. 

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