GMP Series Vol. 2

So we've established the why behind the GMP.  Now let's discuss some details.  

It's going to be available initially in 5 color ways.  Multicam, Black, Ranger Green, Wolf Grey, and Coyote Tan.  We may eventually do others, but for now, that's your poison to pick from. 

We have teamed up with Earthseed Equipment, another small business to make these.  Earthseed is a one man op, and he makes exceptional top quality pieces of custom nylon gear.  Pumped to be using him as our OEM builder of these packs. 

Now the elephant in the room: wait times.  We are doing an initial run of several hundred GMP's.  They probably won't last very long on our site. Also, we have already had a significant number of guys reach out from units and agency's looking to make large team orders.  For right now, we are going to have the first run open on our website only.  Simultaneously, we will be taking orders and sending out quotes for the team purchases.  Those wait times will more than likely be 3-4 weeks as they will be made to order.  Hope to get those times down as we go.  

The response for these already has been insane.  Honored to have designed something you all dig.  Shooting for an end of Feb/Early March launch for these.  Thanks for your patience.  Talk soon. 


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